To Chemo or Not to Chemo

A couple weeks back, on July 11, dad had a single round of targeted radiation, going after the two globs of cancer that have been growing back. To the best of our knowledge, this session went according to plan, and for the time being he will not have any more radiation.

During this time, dad has not been affected too much by the radiation (being it was one round), and only feels slightly sluggish on days where he does more than normal (this is a normal reaction for what was performed).

Today, dad and mom met with the oncologist (Dr. Moore, who has been with dad since the beginning) to discuss options for chemo. Probably a poor choice in title for this post, as the decision was simple in going back on chemo, I just couldn't help coming up with a play on words.

What makes the situation difficult is that my dad is in uncharted territory. Recurrence of a Glioblastoma Multiforme is unheard of at this point, given that he had zero activity for 3 years while not on any prescribed medication (not counting anti-seizure meds). As I've said all along, survivors who make it this long with this cancer type, only do so by going on and off chemo every 6 months (based on my personal research).

All that being said, Dr. Moore is going to check in with a Neurological Oncologist at Regions Hospital, who is most familiar with dosage amounts for recurrent tumors before prescribing chemo for dad. Most likely it will be Temador again as that worked well enough in the past and aligns with his gene type.

The good news that came from this was that being dad is on the lower end of the survivor list, his long term future outlook is brighter, as patients who've made it this far with this cancer type have a much higher longevity rate. We will continue to hope that this is true.

As a side note, dad did have a blood check-up today and his numbers looked great!

The plan now is to wait for a response from Dr. Moore as she seeks a second opinion, and looks like 2 to 3 months out for the next MRI scan.

Side note, Becca (my wife) continues to provide NAET sessions for my dad.

As always, I will keep everyone posted, for now things are as good as can be and we will keep on keepin' on!

#EnjoyTheMoment #ThinkPositive