The Prognosis

Today we met with the Oncologist which confirmed our suspicions that we had already learned last Monday in the ER.

Dad has been diagnosed with a Glioblastoma Multiforme (GBM) Stage 4, which is the most aggressive type of brain tumor.

While we were hoping this wouldn’t be the case and we had been preparing for this exact diagnosis over the past week, it still comes as somewhat of a shock.

That being said, we have been presented with options:

  1. Do nothing – 2 to 3 months estimated survival
  2. Radiation – Up to 1 year (30%), potentially 5 years (<10%), complete recovery (<2%)
  3. Chemotherapy – May have small additional benefit to longevity of life
  4. Alternative Supplemental Therapies – There are potential options we are exploring

We would love to thank all of you for your continued love + support through this difficult time.

We will keep you posted as we make decisions about how to progress forward.