The Outlier

Dad continues to be an outlier, that one dot on the chart that doesn’t fit with the rest of them.

Last week, he had his first MRI in 3 months, and followed up with both the neurologist and oncologist. Great news, the tumor is at a minimum stable, and it appears to have shrunk again since the last check-up in May.

Keep in mind he has not had any additional chemo since May, although he continues to take Protocel daily.

The oncologist said he will stay off the chemo for now as it is standard protocol. With the tumor showing signs of stability, there is no need at this time to go back on chemo. This may change at a later date.

Next checkup with the oncologist is in 6 weeks.

The neurologist continues to be amazed at dad’s progress. Next MRI in 3 months.

Brain Scan

Glioblastoma Multiforme Stage 4 Before and After
I’ve attached two images below, one of the tumor before (May 2014), and one of the tumor after (August 2015).

To spot the tumor in the before picture, look in the upper-left quadrant of the brain. It is the big mass that is bright white around the edges.

You will notice in this picture that the ventricles at the back of the brain are reduced in size and the ones in the mid-section are non-existent.

To spot the tumor in the after picture, it is in the same area, only you will notice the bright white stuff is greatly reduced near the middle-top of the picture.

You will notice a cavity (dark space) next to the bright white (tumor), that is not the tumor, that is simply empty space from where the tumor used to be.

See you in a few months!