Still Going Strong

Sorry for the lack of an update over the past couple weeks.

Let’s get to it.

Dad is doing great, looking great, feeling better every day, apart from his hair you can barely tell anything is wrong. Hopefully this goes along with the findings that the tumor has stabilized (or possibly, that it is shrinking).

His next MRI is scheduled about 4 weeks out.

Between now and then he has chosen to forgo doing any chemo.

That means all he is doing between now and then is the alternative treatment (Protocel) that he has been doing over most of this journey (as we suspect this may be the culprit behind his success).

For now we will remain optimistic based off the last round of results and for how well things have been going for dad. Now, onto some family fun over the past few weeks:

Formal Family Photo

Dinner with Kyle and Carolyn

Lauren's Wedding

Wayzata Bay Family Selfie