Shrinkage Can Be Good

Yep I said it… shrinkage can be a good thing. Typically men do not like to talk about shrinkage, but this week, the doc pointed out that my dad’s shrinkage is something to be proud of!

MRI Update
Dad went in on Monday for his first MRI in 3 months.

If you recall from my previous posts, his tumor has been stable since September, and showed slight signs of reduction in December and February.

At that time the doc decided to hold off on his next scan. Fast forward to now, and we have more good news to share.

Dad’s tumor has shrunk somewhere between 10-20% from the last MRI!

The doc was elated and cautiously stated that he should be around to see more birthdays in the coming years.

Dads Birthday Dinner at Doolittles

Happy 58th Birthday
Dad turns 58 today (yes, today)! We went out as a family last night to celebrate at Doolittles Woodfire Grill in Golden Valley.

All of their food was wonderful and we had a good time catching up.

A couple weeks before that we celebrated my mom’s birthday at Zelo’s downtown. Happy birthday to both of them!

Cindys Birthday Dinner at Zelo

Moving Forward
I believe Dad has only one more round of chemo left (possibly two, hard to keep track now).

Outside of that he will stick to using the Protocel (more on that shortly) and his next MRI will not be until August (3 months out again). He couldn’t be doing better!

I’ve constantly talked about how everything dad is doing is playing some role in getting rid of this tumor, and we will never know ‘exactly’ what is leading to his tumor reducing, but we all agreed last night at dinner that Protocel (the alternative treatment he’s been taking daily¬†for 1 year) is definitely playing a role (potentially larger than initially thought).

I understand those in the medical profession might disagree, but what we cannot disagree with is that currently my dad is beating extreme odds, so for us to write it off as nothing would not be doing the product justice.

Regardless, dad will continue to follow doctors orders, he will continue to take Protocel daily, and we all will continue a positive outlook on his life.

Until next time…. #thinkpositive #enjoythemoment #kickcancer