That one word says it all….on Monday, December 1st, dad contracted shingles. This was while he was taking his 2nd round of chemo.

It went unnoticed until Friday (5th) when mom asked to see his rash, she about died when she lifted up his shirt (pain doesn’t bother dad like it would most).

They took him into urgent care on Saturday and confirmed it was shingles.

As a future note in case anyone else contracts the virus, if you get treatment in the first few days, they can get rid of it pretty quickly, if beyond the first few days, you have to ride it out, which is a minimum 14 to 21 days, if not longer.

As another side note, if you’ve had the chicken pox, you cannot contract shingles from someone who has it; you contract it from having an extremely run down immune system (hence why it is common for people with Cancer going through chemo to contract it).

Chemo Round 2
This go around dad felt the effects quite a bit more. He was definitely more tired, and his rash (outside of shingles) was much worse.

He finished that round on the 5th and is currently in recovery mode until the end of the month when he will start round 3 (not sure if the shingles has to go away before he starts the next round but I’ll keep you posted).

Doing Well
Outside of the increased effects of chemo and contracting shingles, dad is doing great.

He definitely has aches and pains from the shingles, but he’s looking good and feeling good in regard to everything else.

Even better his blood labs are doing great. They kind of went up and down going into round 2, but now have done nothing but gone up.

This is not what we expected but we will definitely take it!

Back to Work
Mom has discontinued doing any work for dad (he is doing minimal himself) and picked up a job as an admin with a local dentist clinic.

It’s a great environment for her and is going well, although she is a lot more tired during the week than prior to doing this.

The income will definitely help them (as we all seem to forget that cancer not only takes a toll on the lives it effects, but there can also be a financial toll regardless as to whom in the family has cancer).

I had dad over the other night to watch the second part of the Lord of the Rings trilogy and he had a great time hanging out with Louie.

This dog is a very loving dog and is an absolute joy to be around.

Mom came over the other night to get her fix of him to help relieve the stresses of the week. I can say myself that Louie has greatly reduced the stress in mine and Becca’s life just from the joy he brings us (even though we are now busier than ever).

I’m not sure if I will post prior to Christmas, but wanted to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and/or Happy Hanukkah!

Continue living in the moment and give your loved ones an extra hug, as well as an extra kiss this time of year.

Be thankful for the time you have with your family and friends. I know I am…