Rounding the Corner

Father’s Day
Becca and I hosted both of our families for a Father’s Day brunch.

It was a good day and we had a great time. Dad was looking/feeling good and it was great to get him in front of other people.

Father's Day Brunch

He only has a few days left of treatment and then he is done with round one!!

For the next couple days he has been removed from chemo because his blood platelet count severely dropped. This was something we were warned would happen (side effect of chemo) and they would monitor.

His blood checkup had another flag in regards to his liver.

Levels were a bit high there meaning that his liver is having a hard time detoxing. This is most likely due to the chemo as well.

The Break
Dad will be going on a 4 week hiatus after this first round of treatment.

During that time they will do another MRI to see where we are at.

From that scan we will have a few more answers to what the future may hold. During this time he will begin using the Protocel (alternative treatment) again.

After that 4 week period, the plan is to put him on 6 months of a higher dose of chemo.

All-in-all we’ve come a long way in a short amount of time and so far things are going very well given the situation. The docs have been very impressed by his progress and refer to him as their rockstar.