Round One Done

The first round of treatment is kaput. We couldn’t be more thrilled!

Radiation and Chemo is not fun stuff by any means, so we are glad that dad is now off that stuff!

Blood Levels
Dad’s blood labs over the past couple weeks have been iffy. His liver levels were high, more importantly his platelet levels were far too low.

Because of this he was taken off chemo early last week (but remained on Radiation through Tuesday of this week).

Typical platelet levels are anywhere from 150 to 450. Dad’s levels had dropped to 47 as of this week (once they drop below 100 they pull you off of chemo).

It appears his drop may be leveling off, and we hope it begins to go up soon. If it were to drop down to 20 or lower, he would need to receive a blood transfusion (yuk)!

Platelet drop offs are almost always caused by chemo treatment (which is why he was pulled off of it).

What’s Next?
Dad began his Protocel treatment (alternative) a few days after stopping chemo and will continue this until he begins doing chemo again.

Initially, his next round of chemo was slated to begin in 4 weeks. Due to the platelet levels being low, he will go in for weekly blood tests to see how his body reacts.

For him to go back on chemo they need to be stable and above 100. Due to the next round of chemo being more intense, they may (or may not) change the program up a bit.

We won’t know until we get there.

He has his next MRI scheduled for the end of July, which is where we will learn where everything is at.

The Pool
My parents put an above ground pool in about a decade ago. This past fall we had to tear it down as it needed replacing. Given the situation we were late putting it back up this year (understandably so).

Just this past weekend we spent Saturday and Sunday building the new pool, and let me tell you that was a task! (FYI, above ground pools are absolutely horrible to put up)

Dad of course stayed inside all day (as he was not in any condition to help). We had about 10 people join my mom and I on Saturday (huge thanks to all who came) as well as about 5 of us on Sunday.

We ended up having to remove a portion of the deck surround as of course the new pool didn’t perfectly fit into place like the last one.

Either way, this pool will soon bring much enjoyment and relaxation for both parents.

Good Thoughts
Until next time, continue to keep my dad and the family in your thoughts/prayers. He’s still fighting the good fight and has plenty of life yet to live!

P.S. I’d like to give a big shout-out to my aunt Aimee for being a huge support for my family in figuring out/managing the financial side of things.

The financial side effect of cancer is one of the last things people think about, and we are fortunate enough to have an amazing support role right in our own family. Thanks Aimee!!