Nothing New Here

This post is a couple of weeks late as I have been pretty busy getting settled into our new house (that’s right, my wife and I moved recently).

Nothing but good news to report. Dad had his MRI back in mid-March and nothing has changed with the scan.

Let me remind you that last time around the neurologist suggested we might be dealing with scar tissue (something I’ve been saying now for over a year) and that dad might actually be cancer free.

We still have not been given that word, and am not sure that we will anytime soon. Regardless, we are living on like he is cancer free.

3 Years and Counting

Later this month (late April), we will mark the 3rd anniversary since dad was diagnosed with what we thought was terminal brain cancer. Initially given a 20% chance of living to 2 years, later improved to 40% chance. All under the assumption he would remain on chemo even today.

It has been 2 years since he stopped all forms of chemo, and there are no signs (that we can see) of any cancer.

Dad continues to take Protocel (as I’ve always said, he probably won’t ever stop). Other than that, he does the normal things that Jay does.

Jay lives, like he is cancer free.

Look for another update in about 4 months after the next MRI scan.

#EnjoyTheMoment #ThinkPositive