MRI Results

There is a lot going on in this update, and I know many are wanting to know results of the latest test….here goes nothing…

Cabin Weekend
Big thanks to Pat for having the entire family up this past weekend to his place on Pokegama Lake in Pine City.

He has a beautiful place with plenty of toys. Mom and dad went up Friday evening, the kids followed Saturday morning.

Got out a couple times on the Jetski followed by a 5 hour boat outing over to Cross Lake via the Snake River. That evening we followed up with good eats and some fun games.

We continued the fun into Sunday afternoon. Seriously, a good family outing. Many thanks to Pat.

Family on Sammy's Boat

Dad and Mom on Sammy's Boat

Dr. Baimeedi
On Tuesday, mom, dad, and Becca met with Dr. Baimeedi to look over the results of Monday’s MRI.

It was great having Becca there, as being a nurse, she know’s all of the right questions to ask. Ultimately we did not receive the most welcome news.

The fragments of the tumor that had been left over from surgery have started to grow back, and are closing in on a major artery.

Compared to the MRI at 6 weeks (we are now at 12 weeks), these results are definitely more alarming than the prior scan, but we still have plenty of options left on the table.

What does this all mean?
There will be no more radiation, that was a one-and-done.

The chemo that he was on did not work as planned, and given the fact that it greatly reduced his platelet levels, they do not want to continue him on Temador (the brand of chemo he had been using).

Instead they will want to try using a different chemo drug. If you’ve been following closely, this means that the genetic defect that he has will not have the same affect with the new chemo drug as it did with Temador (that affect being an increased survival rate).

And Temador was the most proven chemo drug against this form of brain cancer.

Next Steps
They are not yet going to start him back on chemo.

The immediate plans are to wait two weeks and do a follow-up MRI scan. They will then assess what levels of cancer growth we are looking at.

There is potential depending on the speed of growth for another surgery within the month.

If surgery is to come, chemo would be started post surgery. These are the immediate plans, but ultimately the only for sure plan is an MRI test in two weeks. Surgery is still a card that we have to play.

Longer Term
Over the longer term, dad will very likely start to act out and do erratic things (out of his control). This is a side effect of the cancer.

The timing of this is impossible to predict, but has a good likelihood of happening.

The Good News
Dad is feeling good (given the situation), is in good spirits (again, given the situation), and for the most part is his normal self.

For the next couple weeks we will be enjoying some more good family time together at some fine dining establishments that are on his list of places he definitely wants to enjoy a good meal at.

Kickin Things Off
Tonight, we enjoyed ourselves at the first restaurant on the list, Travail Kitchen in Robbinsdale.

If you haven’t been to this place, it is absolutely amazing.

I would not call it an intimate setting, but the food and atmosphere are top notch. I’ve never had better food in the state of Minnesota.

I happen to know someone from years back who is one of the many chefs at this fine establishment. He was able to hook us up with a reservation (something they do not do) as well as some other nice bonuses (once again, given the situation).

We ended up sharing a table with some gentlemen drinking some fine wine that were happy to share with us.

Overall the evening was grand, and we all very much enjoyed the food. Thumbs up from the man of the hour.

Family at Travail Kitchen

Mom and Dad at Travail Kitchen

Positive Thoughts
Let’s keep the positive thoughts going, and continue the good fight.

Send positive vibes to my parents, as often as you can remember! I thank you for your time, updates to come at their typical frequency.