It Begins

On Mother’s Day we celebrated a month of birthdays for 3 generations (myself, dad, and grandpa). We got most of the Hatlestad side together and enjoyed the afternoon/evening.

Attached are pictures from this event (no my dad is not drinking beer, and yes that is the manliest cake that the bakery could come up with).

Overall it was a great way to spend the day!

Dad's Birthday with Family

Dad and Papa

The Manliest Birthday Cake Ever

It Begins
Yesterday, dad went in for radiation, and started his chemo medication (Temodar) later that night. Still feeling as good as ever.

This program will last for 6 weeks, at which point they will reassess. He stopped taking the Protocel during this time as the chemo overpowers the effects of the supplement.

He is receiving his radiation Monday through Friday at Methodist hospital in St. Louis Park. As for the chemo he is taking it in pill form, along with some anti-nausea medication to reduce any side effects.

As far as we’ve been told, any side effects between the two treatments probably won’t come for another week or two.

Through this round of treatments, expect an update about once a week as to his status and how the treatment is proceeding.