In Remission… Unofficially

The doc has not declared it yet….I’m not sure if he ever will as it is unheard of with my dad’s form of cancer.

To hell with it, I’m making the call… dad is in remission!

Dad had his latest MRI on Monday, with the results coming this past Tuesday. The tumor has remained stable. If anything, it has shrunk yet again ever-so-slightly.

Let me remind you that this has been confirmed as Stage 4 Glioblastoma Multiforme. The results that we are seeing every 3 months are absolutely unheard of.

To top it all off, dad has been off chemo for close to 8 months, with no plans to go back on chemo in sight.

Let’s get a few things straight…

  1. Dad is 2 months away from his 2 year mark. He was given a 40% chance of survival beyond 2 years as long as he stayed on chemo.
  2. His tumor has remained stable and/or shrunk for the past 18 months.
  3. Normal patients with the same type of cancer, would be going on-off chemo every 6 months for the rest of their life. There are no plans in sight to do this.

The Plan
Another MRI in 3 months (May 2016). If all looks good, we will start doing 6 months between MRI scans. No plans for chemo.

Dad will continue with the alternative treatment (Protocel) 4 times per day, every day, as he has done since the beginning.

We recently learned of Amygdalin, which is a very controversial nutrient for cancer prevention and removal. Dad began eating 10 apricot seeds a day back in late December (I and many of my family are as well).

If you did your own research based off government and healthcare websites, you would think my entire family will drop dead from eating the poisonous Amygdalin found in apricot seeds.

It’s no different then the FDA claiming Protocel is a complete farce that does nothing good for the human body. Which leads me to my final topic…

Knowledge is Power… Choose What You Know
For my takeaway with this post, I want to share some knowledge that I/we have gained through all of this.

There are a lot of controversial cancer therapies that you can find in the world. Many of the therapies or regimens that would be labeled as ‘natural’ are labeled as complete quackery and a way to rip people off.

Yet the cancer industry has been screaming for decades that if you have cancer, you need to consume a known poison (chemo) or be blasted with radiation, at the cost of tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars to have a chance of life extension.

And this is absolutely okay, and that there are no ‘natural’ options that work better.

You’ve been following my dad through this, and I’ve stated time and time again that he has taken Protocel from the beginning, and that his doctors are left perplexed as to what is going on. The cancer industry is worth an estimated $125 billion annually.

Protocel is worth far south of $1 million annually.

Yet the owner’s of the Protocel formula are an evil group trying to scam people out of their money.

I’ll let you decide on what you want to believe. I personally recommend you do your own research and make your own decisions for you and your family.

Recommend Books I’ve Read
A lot of my learning has come from these books, although plenty has come from various online sources.

Both topics were recommended to me by people I respect but will not name. The last book, World Without Cancer is by far the greatest piece of literature I have ever read.

Outsmart Your Cancer (read Chapters 9 to 12 for Protocel)
World Without Cancer (Amygdalin, Apricot Seeds, and some interesting history on cancer)