We would like to thank everyone for all of the love and support during these trying times. I thought it was time to update everyone on Jay’s condition as well as his plans moving forward.

His Condition
Currently doing great! No pain, looking normal, functioning normal, couldn’t be doing better!

The Plan
From talking to many people, doing research, etc., the following is the current plan for Jay’s recovery:

  1. Protocel – This is a daily supplement taken 4x a day at 6 hour intervals. This will start as soon as it arrives this week (if interested, check out the book, Outsmart Your Cancer, making sure to read chapters 9 through 12). I will say, this find has given our family plenty of hope.
  2. Radiation – This will most likely start in the next couple of weeks. Procedure given 5x a week (Mon – Fri) for 6 weeks.
  3. Chemotherapy (Temador) – This will coincide with the 6 weeks of radiation. This drug specifically works on brain tumors and is a more tolerable version of chemo. During this time, Jay will stop using Protocel as chemo blocks the benefits of Protocel.

And Beyond
After the 6 week period, Jay will reassess where things are at with his doctors. At that time he will either hold off on further chemo and go back on Protocel.

Otherwise, he will continue onto the next phase of Chemo which lasts for 6 months.