He Continues to Go Strong

It’s been one of the longest stretches without an update. Good news, dad is still going strong!

Where things are at
He has not been on chemo for a little over 1 month. His blood labs keep showing his white blood cell count slightly on the low side.

He will continue to go weekly for blood labs until this number rises enough that the doctors feel safe to continue chemo. If/when he does hit this point, he will have about 2 more rounds of chemo left on the schedule.

Most importantly, he is feeling/looking great.

Mom and dad are still trying to enjoy what time they can. It’s roughly every other weekend they are at one of the neighbor’s houses enjoying some fine red wine (over the past year they got introduced to a set of neighbors that are really into red wine).

His next MRI won’t come until early May (I believe it is scheduled for the 5th, but don’t quote me on that).

This will be the 3 month mark from the last MRI. Let me remind you that the past couple MRI’s have shown a slight amount of shrinkage of the tumor.

It will be very interesting to see where things are at this time, especially given that he has not been able to keep up the original chemo schedule (due to blood labs).

Yes, he still is taking the alternative treatment daily (Protocel) and has been since early May.

One Year
Later this month we will hit the one year mark (April 21st). It’s amazing to think that it has been one year, and to see all of the changes (both good and bad) in that time!

At a minimum, it is great to be able to say that dad is doing great and far exceeding anyone’s expectations.

Gift of Life
Becca and I have a bit of exciting news that was recently announced; we are expecting our first child on September 29th!

The family was elated with the news. I know this has made dad excited and will give him something to hold on to and look forward to in the coming months.

It is my parent’s first grandchild, as well as Becca’s parent’s first grandchild.

On top of that, both of my grandparents will become great-grandparents for the first time (both are overjoyed by the news).

I think that’s it this time around. I will continue to keep everyone posted when there is news to post!

As always, stop and smell the roses once in awhile!