Happy New Year

Although dad still has shingles, he has not been grimacing near as much as he was in the first week, which is welcome news.

During this time they have stopped chemo until his body recovers enough from shingles.

This means for the second round of the high dose chemo, he has completed 2 sessions.

Scan Update
Just today, we received the results of the latest MRI scan.

The results were superb! The tumor definitely looked smaller in this scan from previous scans.

My wife (Becca) asked the doctor what percentage of patients he would classify my dad in, and he said dad is definitely an outlier, within the 10% of patients he sees.

In other words, my dad’s progress is rare with this type of tumor, but it is on the good end of being rare!

What’s causing all of this goodness? We will never know for sure.

Ultimately from the positive vibes/thoughts, to the alternative treatment (Protocel), to the last couple sessions of chemo, each has to be playing a role in some way.

New Year’s Resolution
I’m going to set a new year’s resolution for my dad, to see 2016 and beyond.

Looking back 8 months ago, I’m not going to lie, initially I expected to lose my dad in 2014, or early 2015 at the latest.

After the weeks went by, my opinion changed, I started thinking positively, and ultimately, I feel entirely different about his situation now, than I had back then.

I do have to be realistic, dad does have a glioblastoma multiforme stage 4 brain tumor, even though the tumor in his brain right now is small and stable, potentially even shrinking, it still could rear it’s ugly head at any point.

Regardless, I feel that we are on the right track and feel strongly that he will see New Year’s Day come and go in 2016.

Think Positive
The biggest life lessons that I picked up on in 2014 was to enjoy the moment and to think positively.

It is too easy for us to think negatively in life, just look at the news that the media projects. I’ve found that from portraying a more positive attitude, and thinking on the positive end of things, that life is less stressful, I’m calmer, and ultimately happier.

I used to look at people that were overly positive with a “Good for you, but I’m not that way” kind of attitude.

Now I understand why they are overly positive, because it truly does make life more enjoyable, and when life is more enjoyable, it provides more moments for you to enjoy.

I challenge you in 2015 to give positivity more of a chance in your daily life. It is not an easy thing to do, but you will understand what I am talking about once you get over that mountain.

#enjoythemoment #thinkpositive