Go Out and Enjoy Life

Dad was supposed to get his next MRI early next week. Things didn’t go as planned.

This past weekend I noticed a slight change in him; mom noticing something else reminiscent of the time before we knew of the tumor.

Because of this, my wife and I urged my mom to call it in as we were told if anything changes, to let them know.

So on Monday, mom called in to the doc’s office.

They in turn said, “bring Jay in tonight for an MRI.”

Dad of course was not overjoyed by the news (who would be…who would want to sit in an MRI machine for an hour a week ahead of schedule)? Either way, he went, and thus they awaited the results on Tuesday.

Dr. B called in the afternoon to inform them that the tumor was still stable, they would wait another 4 weeks to do another MRI, so go out and enjoy life.

This is great news….for the next 4 weeks, no worries, just enjoy the time.

Mom and dad have been doing just that, practically every day on the weekend they are going out with friends and enjoying life.

We will all continue following the doctor’s orders.

On a side note, dad continues to take the Protocel (alternative treatment) on a regular basis. The possibility remains that this alternative has something to do with it. Time will tell.