Feeling Better Every Day

Day by day, dad is feeling better. As he puts it, just a little bit better each day. He has more energy and overall feels pretty good given the situation. Let’s hope this continues!

Platelet Levels
On the last report, dad’s platelet levels were not looking so good. The positive news is that a few days after his numbers jumped from 37 to 58.

Still not out of the ball park, but we are headed in the right direction!

Unfortunately the next check up only increased to 59, but we feel confident that in the coming days his numbers will end up at more normal levels. Ultimately, he needs to sustain above 100 before he can go on chemo again.

Next Steps
Dad has his next scan on July 21st, meeting with the neurosurgeon on the 22nd, and with the oncologist on the 24th.

It will be at that time, if his levels are good, they will probably put him back on chemo. Not to mention, we will also have a much better picture as to where things are at with his treatment.

Rebuilding Decks
On the weekend of the 28th/29th, my mom, sister and I rebuilt the deck around the pool.

Due to initially placing the pool too close to the deck, I had to take the deck about 1/3 the way apart and had to redesign/build it back. Sunday was a grueling 7 hours in the hot sunny day, but we got-er-done! Whew!

Happy 4th
My wife and I had the family over for dinner + games on Sunday evening.

As always, Becca outdoes herself and had the table decorated with linens and fancy plates. We had a lovely time together.

After dinner we played Cards Against Humanity (if you haven’t played before, it is an X-rated version of Apples to Apples). All-in-all a lot of fun was had.

Afterward we lit some sparklers, it being the 4th and all, we couldn’t resist.

Dad Playing Cards Against Humanity

Family Fun
Next weekend we are taking advantage of a most generous offer of one of mom’s high school friends to spend a weekend at his cabin (near Pine City). We will be doing this next weekend when dad is feeling his best prior to going back on treatment.

We are all looking forward to the getaway. Shout-out to Sammy for the wonderful offer!

On top of that we will be having a nice family meal at one of the best restaurants in the state, Travail Kitchen (Robbinsdale) shortly before he goes back on treatment.

If you have not eaten there, you need to check it out (I recommend the 10-course dinner, granted its not cheap)!

That’s all I have for now…see you in a week (or so).