Enjoy the Moment

It’s been a couple weeks so I thought I’d give everyone an update.

There is nothing new to report. Dad is doing great, feeling great, looking great.

If there is a tumor growing inside of him, you would never know it (we believe the Protocel is preventing it from growing but it’s too soon to tell for sure)!

Currently he has his next MRI scheduled for the beginning part of next week with a following-up appointment on the 9th of October.

There is talk of postponing the MRI for another week or two, but a final decision on that has yet to be made.

Our belief right now is that if it isn’t the Protocel, then something else is at play because with the type of tumor dad has, it should be growing right now. This next MRI will be very telling.

Something that I ask each and every one of you to do, is to stop and take a moment to yourself sometime this week.

Enjoy the cool crisp fall air, the beautiful change in color of the leaves, or a remarkable sunrise/sunset.

As technology continues to take control of our busy lives, we forget to take these moments and enjoy life.

This is something that I have personally learned since dad’s tumor reared it’s ugly face, and I have begun to enjoy these little moments more and more.

As always, stay tuned!