Decision Made

Dad has come to a conclusion as to what path forward he wishes to take. He has decided to start back up on chemo (this time the high-dose variety).

The plan is for him to begin taking chemo on November 1st.

It will be 5 days on, then off for the remainder of the month, repeating every month for 6 months.

During these 5 days he will be visibly worn out and tired. During the remaining days he should be pretty normal.

Being that it’s only 5 days on each month, he is going to continue taking the Protocel (alternative supplement). ¬†Might as well, it cannot hurt!

6 Months
To think that it has now been 6 months since we first found out about the tumor, time sure does fly.

What is most amazing is that he is doing so great given the news we received back in April. We have been given the gift of time and are very fortunate for it.

I have to believe that between the positive energy, Protocel, chemo, radiation, surgery, and everything in between, all of this has helped him live longer.

As I heard my dad say a few weeks ago, “when I beat this thing” (in reference to the cancer), which is such a great attitude after so many months past diagnosis, it gave me warmth to see such positivity coming from him.

This willingness to fight shows strength and courage, and is just another way for him to kick cancer to the curb.

Not that sun rises are the only way to enjoy the moment, they are an easy one to start with and can be beautiful at that.

This morning I saw quite the sun rise, containing such a beautiful orange glow. I wish I could have taken a picture, but there was not a good opportunity.

Either way, it helps remind me to #enjoythemoment