Dad is Doing GREAT

Sorry it is been so long since my last update. Time seems to have gotten away from me.

And so it begins…
On November 2nd, dad began taking high doses of Chemo.

For a total of 5 days in-a-row, he continued taking it. During this time he noticed a minimal increase in fatigue, which goes against what most people experience.

For the remainder of the month he will remain off of chemo until starting it back up again in December.

Throughout this entire time, he will continue taking Protocel (alternative treatment).

He is having his blood labs done weekly to monitor his status (since last time his blood platelet levels dropped too low). Going into chemo his platelet levels were at 134 (on the lower end of normal).

After the first week of chemo his platelets have dropped to 109 (anything below 50 may cause him to go off chemo). All of his other numbers improved.

Looking and Feeling Great
Amazingly, after 6 months he feels great, looks great, sounds great.

The day he started chemo we celebrated Thanksgiving early (relatives leave for sunnier pastures). The picture in this post is from that day. Seriously, he looks amazing.

Dad and Mom at Thanksgiving

Positive Energy
I’ve said it time and time again, keep sending the positive energy, I firmly believe it is helping. The power of collective positive thought is beyond our understanding.

I cannot tell you how many people I run into, they ask about my dad, and they end with, he’s in my daily thoughts/prayers.

YOU are ALL the reason he is doing so great! Please, keep up the positive vibes, as it is giving him a much better quality of life than what others with his tumor unfortunately run into.

Toy Australian Shepherd

In other news, my wife and I are getting a puppy (Toy Australian Shepherd). He (Louie) is arriving from Kentucky on the 22nd.

The reason I mention it, dad (a lover of dogs) is quite excited for us to bring this fluff-ball into our lives. Hopefully it will help bring him joy when he comes to visit.

Keep living life to the fullest, and be the amazing person that you are! Thanks for your time. #enjoythemoment