Better then Ever

Dad is doing better than ever. He had a check-up this past week (MRI + Review) and the tumor is still running stable.

The doc was very excited and thought there was potential that the tumor might have shrunk a little (he could not say for sure). Either way it is great news.

Even better news is that dad’s blood platelet levels have gone up (when we thought they might go down).

This means he will continue the chemo at the end of the month going into December.

Dad with Louie

Becca and I picked up Louie from the airport on Saturday. He is the cutest little guy filled with tons of puppy love/kisses.

He’s a very calm dog that wants to be by your side at all times. Mom and dad came over in the afternoon to visit with Louie.

Both absolutely adored him. You can see a picture with dad + Louie below.

Dad continues to do well and we keep on being happy for every good day that we get out of him. We are looking forward to spending some quality time over the holidays with him.