Back With a Vengeance

Sometimes in life, we take things for granted. Today, that became quite present. We found out from dad's latest MRI results that his tumor has come back.

A couple months ago we were notified that dad's doctor had left Methodist, and that he was being switched to a different doctor. And Oh, by the way, we want you to come in to discuss some findings on your latest MRI results.

So we went in on May 9th. The findings were that there appeared to be the utmost slightest change in activity for what was thought to be the leftover cancer. This left the docs wanting to up the MRI frequency and check back in mid-June (errr.... Now).

From today's results, there are two cocktail onion sized tumors in the cavity that the original tumor left behind. For context, the prior MRI was taken in April. So in just 2 months, they went from almost nothing to just larger than a marble.

So, we've taken for granted the fact that for the last 2.5+ years, we haven't had to put a second thought into dad having cancer. I was convinced we would be home free.

Tonight, I have to eat my words.

What's the plan? Well, he will continue on with Protocel (he hasn't stopped, although he got a little lax with the regimen, which can cause the benefit to start from scratch... he is now back to the recommended regimen). Next, he meets with the radiologist and shortly after the oncologist to talk targeted radiation with single does chemo (Temador) on July 2nd.

Also, Becca is just starting up a practice in a field called NAET (this is a story in-and-of-itself), which could have some potential to help with this, although we should have started sooner (hindsight... taking life for granted). So we will get him on a plan with getting NAET sessions through Becca.

The bigger thing, trying to reduce stress, as the past year has been filled with it (I'm partially convinced this played a big factor the first time around as well as now).

In case you were wondering, surgery is on the list of options, but currently is lower on that list.

Here.... we.... go.... again.

#EnjoyTheMoment #ThinkPositive

Future updates will probably be more frequent.