4 Weeks Down, 2 to Go

Dad is just about to enter his 5th week of the first round of treatment, so far still going strong. The fatigue has definitely hit him pretty hard, I could see it in his face a few days ago while visiting.

The doctors were confused by the rash that dad has developed on his arms, and figure it is one of the drugs he is on.

They have switched his anti-nausea medication to see if it was that. If nothing changes after one week, they will take a look at the antibiotics that he is on.

My parents recently met with the neurosurgeon to discuss the progress.

The doc says that they got most of the tumor out, but there were fragments that remained. He hoped that the radiation treatment will zap most if not all of that away.

Either way he said if the tumor did come back, they would easily be able to open dad back up and remove it again (obviously we hope this doesn’t have to come to this).

The other thing the doc mentioned was that dad will have to remain on the anti-seizure medication for the rest of his life. This is unfortunate as one of dad’s favorite things is to enjoy a glass of red wine for dinner, and to enjoy some good craft beer.

The doc did okay him for having the occasional glass of wine, or one beer, but said he cannot do more than this as alcohol with the anti-seizure medication can cause him to have a seizure.

Dad did get approved to lift more than 10 pounds, the doc went as far to say if he can lift 200 pounds, by golly let the guy lift 200 pounds.

Haha, that gave dad a good laugh.

Those are the updates this week! Currently he feels that he will make it through the rest of this round of treatment just fine given that he is now well over the hump of round one!