365 Days in a Year

It has been one year from the day dad fell at home and was whisked away to the hospital… One year from the day I received that dreaded call… One year from the day I thought I was going to lose my dad…

All I can say is BooYAH! He’s alive and kickin’, with plenty more time to give!

Living day-to-day, you learn that yes, there are actually 365 days in a year, and we are thankful for every one of them.

A couple weeks from now he will undergo another MRI and we will have a more clear picture of where things are at. We have plenty of days to enjoy¬†before that happens though, so tonight when you get home from work, let’s all raise a glass to my dad, the guy who’s determined to kick cancer in the you-know-what!

#thinkpositive #enjoythemoment