3 Weeks Down – Halfway There

Dad is now halfway done with his first round of treatment (radiation + chemo). He is still going strong and doing well, but the side effects are definitely hitting him.

He feels fatigued more often than normal, but it isn’t necessarily just the feeling of fatigue, it’s also feeling somewhat lethargic.

This is a common side effect that was expected. Because of this he is not able to do much if any work for his business.

He also has begun to notice a rash up and down both of his arms. I personally have yet to hear what the doctor said about this, but my presumption is it is some form of reaction to either the chemo, the radiation, or one of the drugs he is on.

Gene Mutation Explained
Last week I mentioned that he has a gene mutation which increases his odds of life extension.

Here are the numbers that the doc provided based off those who have his similar type of tumor as well as being on the same treatment plan:

  • Gene Mutation Non-existant:  2 year survival at 15%
  • Gene Mutation existing:  2 year survival at 49%

This is welcome news as it increases his odds of living longer and odds of survival!

Please continue the warm thoughts, love, and prayers!