2nd Round of MRI Results Post Chemo

It has been a busy two weeks, but we finally caught a break! Dad went in for an MRI on Monday, we received the results today.

The tumor has remained stable. Going into the MRI we were all expecting (including the doctor) to see the tumor growing.

Dad even thought it looked like it had reduced in size slightly.

What does this mean?
Being that none of us were expecting this (given that he does have the most aggressive form of brain cancer), it is quite welcome news, but the doctor does not have much of an explanation for exactly what is going on.

His opinion is to hold off on surgery and do another MRI in 6 weeks.

There is a possibility that the alternative treatment (Protocel) might have something to do with it, but we cannot jump to that conclusion just yet.

What’s the plan?
Followup MRI to come in 6 weeks.

Being that the tumor is stable, the doc wants to give it more time to see what happens. Mom and dad will be meeting with the Oncologist soon to hear what she has to say as to a plan with chemo.

Please note, anytime he goes on chemo, he has to stop using Protocel (as chemo completely negates the effects of Protocel).

Ultimately this is great news, and we will just keep taking things day by day until we know more. Stay positive.