2 Weeks Down

It has now been 2 weeks of both radiation + chemotherapy and overall dad is doing pretty well.

The past couple days he’s started to feel the fatiguing effects of the treatment, other than that he is doing well. On top of that his scar has pretty much healed up from the surgery.

It is truly amazing to see the power that the human body has.

With 2 weeks down, that leaves 4 weeks left of the treatment.

After that he is put on a 4 week hiatus from the chemotherapy, at which time he will give the alternative treatment (Protocel) a run for its money. Depending on how things go he may hold off on the chemo even longer.

Some Good News
Dad was found to have the special genetic mutation which means that the chemotherapy is more effective against the brain tumor. This is very welcome news!

As always everyone thoughts and well wishes are well received and very much appreciated! Stay tuned…